Introducing Myself to My Class: “Me, Myself and Snow”

My Background

My name is Kundai Nangati and I come from Zimbabwe. I am an all round student with interests in science, art, literature and sports. That is why I had a difficult time in deciding which major to pursue at Lindenwood. One thing I was certain of was that I eventually wanted to own my own business. I could not decide which industry I could see myself working in, so I chose International Business as my major because I love experiencing new cultures and countries. I have played field hockey for thirteen years so I joined the school field hockey team. I had not played competitively for two years so the conditioning training was initially very brutal.I enjoy listening to all genres of music, but dancehall is my favorite. I love Jamaica and its unique musical sounds it exports. My other interests include fashion, art and outdoor activities.

My Life in USA

I landed in the United States in August and hit the ground running. As I took my first step outside the plane I was hit by a heat wave. Most people assume that I should be used to such high temperatures like those I felt in St Charles because I am from Africa. However, we have moderate weather and the air is not half as humid as it was here. The a/c in my room didn’t work on my first night on campus so I slept through the night with the window open, and had dozens of water bottles to prevent overnight dehydration. It seemed to me that the weather was keen to make me better acquainted with its drastic changes and extreme weather conditions all in one brief period of time. In my first month I experienced one tornado and two tornado warning alerts. The rain storms disappeared as quickly as they appeared and left no trace of their passing, just the sign of blown away trash cans reminding you that there had been there.
I have finally completed my first semester at LU and this three-week break is well deserved and long overdue.

My Winter Break and First Time seeing Snow

I had a really good evening yesterday while watching “My Sister’s Keeper”,

I admit the movie did its damage and I cried. I slept comfortably in bed as the wind howled outside and sang me to sleep. I then woke up peeked out the window and was instantly blinded by the silky, bright whiteness of the snow. I had been hoping that I would experience a white Christmas as it will be my first Christmas away from home. I am accustomed to a hot Christmas which is often accompanied by rain. I have spent many holidays in a hot country, watching Christmas movies where it always snows, and finally I can now watch and experience this event at the same time. I have written down a list of activities I must attempt to initiate myself into this new addition in my life. It includes sledging, ice-skating, making snow angels and a snowman and the typical snow fight. Most of these outdoor activities are cliché, but not to me, as it’s my first experience with snow.


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