My Starting Point

Who is Kundai Nangati to the World?

When I Google my name

"Kundai Nangati"
Who is Kundai Nangati?

the first link that pops up is the one to my facebook page. This is immediately followed by a list of my field hockey statistics from last fall. There is a link to one of my favorite brand names, Sketchers, on Facebook and one of my links to an artist I like on WordPress. The search engine also includes the link to my new WordPress blog. These results show a glimpse of some of my likes. The results do not bother me in any way as they do not hurt my reputation or taint my image in any way. I would like to build up a stronger brand that shows a positive reflection of me, so that it would be effective in finding good employment opportunities in the future. I would also like the search to list first, those characteristics that make me more “employable” and suitable for better and more exciting opportunities.

Dreams, Goals and Inspiration

My dream career is to be the manager of  my own business. I am not sure which industry I want to work in but some of my passions include encouraging healthier living habits, fashion and obtaining designer and non-designer quality products at a bargain price. I would love to be a mini mogul and incorporate all these passions into a multi-faceted successful empire. I am largely inspired by my mother because she relentlessly pushes me to never give up on myself or undermine myself in any way. Her tenacity inspires me to work hard. My brother’s unique creativity,  “new” way of looking at situations and uncanny habit of coming up with unorthodox solutions to problems has influenced the person that i have become.  Some characteristics/ attributes I admire in other people like  Donald Trump

,, are consistency and endurance, because he is exceedingly rich but because he was declared bankrupt more than once but he was not deterred or caused to accept defeat. He accepted his situation and acted on it and as a result his endurance paid off.

Sharing opinions on Social Networking Sites

Sharing my feelings on the internet in a space other than facebook is awkward and a little scary. I am a perfectionist when it comes to certain aspects of my life that I can control. Having another site that is as personal as facebook to share my thoughts actually makes me want to obsessively recheck the amount of information I release, as it increases my paranoia I have about losing my identity or having my reputation ruined by a party other than myself, before I have even begun living my adult life.

My Take on being Honest

I rate my confidence level of sharing my knowledge with others at 60%. My brutal honesty often got me into trouble. I have a reputation of being honest even if the truth is not what one wants to hear, but I only offer my opinion now when I am asked to, this prevents me from blurting out unnecessary words I will later regret without thinking. As the saying goes “You can’t handle the truth”, but when you are ready I will happily share it in the nicest way possible, if it helps! My friends often turn to me for advice on their love lives and any problems in general. But I think my confidence in my opinion sometimes gets confused as being judgmental because they think I will be disappointed in what they may have done. Although I have tried to put my point across in a neutral fashion and try to be tolerant of some things to a point, it sometimes doesn’t appear that way.


I sometimes feel like I am the “Agony Aunt” in my sphere of influence. As my friends tend to turn to me for advice , I try to be honest without offending them, but this method sometimes backfires as I find they cannot be as honest as they would like to be because they are afraid that my silence or lack of appropriate reaction is a silent form of disapproval of their actions. It’s an ongoing contradiction that is the story of my life, because if they do not tell me I nearly always find out anyway, it’s uncanny. With the use of Facebook this has become worse with those that “over-share” private information that will hurt them later. So I practice self-preservation to avoid their similar blunders and have stuck to very few social websites in an attempt to prevent online outbursts that may come to haunt me later. I am also not a journal writer so keeping up with various accounts seems tedious to me, unless there is an added benefit I can gain from it.


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