Weekly Journal 1.0


The first class of creating your online personal Brand was intriguing. I learned how important it is to have a personal brand, so that you can ensure the image people have about you is positive and what you want to be known for, and not leave it for someone else to have the opportunity to create a bad image about you. I used my positive attributes to form the basis of my brand. Creating an online brand allows me to control the information I want to be made public to build a good reputation. To be successful your image has to be authentic. My good qualities, passion and interests can be incorporated to form a personal brand. Those that are highlighted in my lists of favorites, on Facebook for example, can be used to connect to people who are interested in the same things as I am.

Web 2.0

The Web 2.0 video I watched really hit home the fact that you become successful by doing the things you love. Web 2.0 allows users to read, write, respond and change information on the web. This is what has allowed social networking to become such a powerful tool. The sites exercise the rule that “Legacy is better than currency”, because you need to work hard to update and please your followers now, to build a large consumer base in the future that will be loyal to your brand. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow users to display their strengths, like an online resume and use it to link with potential business partners, employers and contacts.


We updated our blogs by inserting hyperlinks, photos and videos to make them more attractive. We learnt how to use subheadings to connect paragraphs with the topic sentences. We also used widgets to add log-in menus and other features on our home page. Creating wordles was fascinating. Our wordles were based on our first WordPress posted blogs. It was interesting to see which words stood out as being the most commonly used words from the text in our blogs. We also created slides about discovering our personal brand.


We spent the first half of the lesson finding out how you can use different accounts on various social websites for different uses. It’s better to use Facebook for more personal uses to connect with friends, family and various organizations. Twitter can be very helpful in connecting with other people with the same interests and connect you with future business contacts. It allows people to follow other tweets through the use of few characters. LinkedIn is very handy if you want to connect with different business contacts and by displaying your resume.


My major assignment this week was based on Julia Roy a powerful brand in her own right. She has used social networking to allow brands to be linked with their consumers. The digital world has become the new business arena, where the buzz is. It has influenced me to take advantage of the different social sites that are available and use them to my advantage now to get a head-start on establishing my own brand.

My Opinion

This new aspect of social networking allows us to spend less time travelling as many more decisions can be made at a time, even though those involved in the decision-making process may be located in different places. You could essentially work from your home office, cut down on travel and costs, and be more productive.


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