My Passionate Trial Balloon

My Passionate Trial Balloon

I had a terrible time trying to come up with something of substance to post on my blog that would be both captivating and encourage more followers. This exercise has made me gain respect for all the successful bloggers out there that continuously update their blogs with new posts and respond to their blog comments. Their perseverance is always rewarded. I decided to discuss an issue that I currently have and irritates me, and share my titbits as a rookie blogger.

I love online shopping when I have a mission on what I want to buy and I get it at a cheaper price than I was willing to pay for it. As we are allegedly in the aftermath of the recession, I thought it would be interesting to talk about saving money wherever you can.

The dilemma

I am in the process of buying a new cell phone, preferably a Smartphone on a student’s budget of $50 per month. As an international student I still suffer from the annoyance of having to calculate the total amount of products I buy online and having to guess how much tax I should add to them. There’s also the added annoyance of not finding a particular product I want to buy in a specific shade, color or size.

The Catch!

This process was made more complicated than it should be, and I ended up being more confused than I thought was possible. I Googled “free smartphones” and was instantly shown thousands of links to different cell phone providers’ websites. I was excited when I found many models that were free and new. Sub consciously I knew it was too good to be true but I continued on with my research anyway, you never know what you might come across. My search yielded some excellent options but most of the results did not include data plans, that was the catch, or they required you to sign-up for a new account.

My Solution

This has fueled my desire to search for or to come up with a website that is honest and open about all the hidden costs and small print. This would make life much easier and less of a hassle for online shoppers. I would love to buy any phone I desire and just move the old sim card to the new phone or be given the options I have upfront. On my “virtual” website one would be able to view the pros and cons of the product they wished to purchase and see the total cost with tax included. There would be no marketing tricks used to hide costs in order to lure customers to the site only to be disappointed in the end by requirements they were not made aware of. I like to think of it as an honest, no frills and tricks website where the focus is on making consumers maximally happy by improving their online shopping experience.

My Dream

This would offer people the service of acquiring good value products in any price range they were looking for and save time with unnecessary browsing, giving them more time to shop hassle free. I am looking forward to combining my passion to make life easier for everyone in any way possible and be honest while performing that service. My mission is to create a truly user friendly website


4 thoughts on “My Passionate Trial Balloon

  1. AT&T and a lot of other companies are now getting into reselling refurbished smartphones. Which is awesome, but most of them you need a contract to get at those cheap-cheap prices. So as an international student, I know a lot of places make you throw down ridiculous deposits since you don’t have a social security number.

    You can always searched for unlocked phones via craigslist or ebay and find more results related to what it is you’re looking for. Searching “free smartphones” is usually going to come up with a bunch of sweepstakes/garbage.

  2. I am an International student and I just bought a fone off Amazon and it was WAY cheaper to do that than to get locked into a contract with these phone companies!!

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