The prototype to the “ideal” website of the future

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The best example I found of my idea of the ultimate, user-friendly website is This website allows you to create your own personalized boutique by adding all your favorite items and preferences. You can choose various forms of clothing that express your own personal style and the site will catalogue your taste in clothing and recommend other boutiques that you might like to follow. This is a new “form” of a blog where you can express your thoughts on fashion and connect to other people with similar tastes.

Available Options

Credit to: Najeebkhan

You are given many options to choose from, with different price ranges, colors, sizes and similar designs of any item you may want to buy. By following other boutiques and gaining more followers in return you build up a reputation from sharing ideas and tips. I have recommended this site to all my friends that have complimented me on my new pair of shoes I bought through They were a special Christmas present to myself that did not leave me with a guilty pleasure afterwards, because I purchased them at a great price.

Once you choose an item you would like to add to your cart you are instantly directed to the online store that produces that particular article of clothing. This blog is a prime example of how one can be authentic and thrive in the business arena through social networking sites. It puts the needs of the consumer first and allows him or her to personalize their online “store”.


  • You can discover your own personal style and you are given recommendations to other boutiques you might like to follow.
  • It is the definition of personalized business, which is the direction in which future successful businesses will thrive on.
  • It is a blog that runs on Google and is gaining fans at an exponential rate, the amount of online advertising for is increasing, especially on social networking sites like Facebook.
  • It is very convenient to use if you are an international student and have no stable/ reliable form of transportation. It is also helpful for people that are located far away from malls and shops.


  • You can only see the total amount of your purchase at the end of your purchase. This is a personal no-no for me.
  • You can only find out whether the size/ color of your chosen items are available when you are directed to the online store where you can buy it. After getting all riled up and excited about your new purchase. This unfortunately, is time wasted if you tend to be drawn to a particular store and have to repeat the process several times with each additional purchase.

My thoughts

I still recommend this site to any online shopper and it has my stamp of approval. has changed my online shopping experience for the better. The site is easy to navigate and there are many filters you can use to ensure that you obtain the best bargain.


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