What if all businesses became personalized on online social sites?

Credit to: Quapan

My “adopted” parent, OR host parent, works from home and only sees his boss maybe four or five times a year. They communicate through email, phone or videophone. This “works great” for him as he travels periodically for business meetings. This has allowed him to gain more “visual” time with his family. By this I mean that working from home gives him more time to “see” his family, while still working and make up for the time he spends travelling.

NOW IF all businesses functioned through social media as much as was physically possible, what would be the result?

  • One obvious result is that there would be more time available to spend with the family.
  • Introverted people would EXCEL and feel less anxious as they would be physically separated from “POTENTIAL” overbearing colleagues and employers.
  • More money would be saved because there would be less need for buildings. Natural resources could be preserved as fewer materials would be required. There would be increased space and less damage to the environment.
  • Production would likely increase because less time would be wasted travelling to and from work each day. As a result there would be less pressure on our oil reserves.
  • Business would function on a personal level. It would be based on building relationships by connecting with consumers through social media sites. The new two- way interaction would gather more loyal customers. Tips and ideas could be shared from other followers and businesses would gain a reputable reputation or goodwill.


Credit to: Ben Heine

  • This would encourage the fake phenomenon that has risen from using social networking sites. This phenomenon has occurred because we “trend” to project a perfect, edited version of ourselves. In the process we can lose our true self and identity and the society as a whole would lose their character.
  • Our society would become “super-introverted” and extroverted people would suffer and be wiped out. Because of the laws that govern the theory of survival of the fittest, and the sheer madness that would result due to the lack of one-on-one interaction.
  • There would be widespread job losses because of the breakdown of the national infrastructure. Many industries would become obsolete. The societal breakdown would encourage people to weasel their way out of being physically fit and active as they would use work as a crutch, and an excuse not to exercise.
  • Credit to: SSH Photos

  • Workaholics would suffer the most as their problem would be magnified. This world would enable them to indulge their urge to constantly work, and families would be broken apart.
  • Generation Y is renowned for wanting everything they desire to be bigger, better, faster NOW. If work became so easy, we would lose the value of good work ethic.  Hard-workers that deserve better job opportunities would lose out to less deserving people that would milk the system. They would hide behind the façade they would be able to create, the image of the ideal worker. The loss of one-on-one face time would result in no use for any additional skills.