Weekly Journal 3.0


This week we had the great pleasure of listening to four guest speakers that are experienced with using personal branding to further their careers. We had a Skype interview with Kammie Kobyneski. She spoke about how employers are now hiring digital citizens and how important it is to be on top of the game and use social media to gain an advantage. One point that Kammie brought forward and stood out to me was the fact that if your name doesn’t appear on a Google search you primarily don’t exist in today’s world. We have to be tenacious in our search for our ideal job and “stalk” the companies we wish to work for to keep current with all their activities and mission statements. This pearl of wisdom scared me a little. The world is rapidly changing around us and it feels like there is enormous pressure to jump on the personal “brandwagon.”

Credit to: Ben Heine

We were also enlightened with the knowledge that this radical shift in the business world to using social media as a hiring tool has made “individuality more important than conformity”. Your strengths and values now hold greater leverage and “employment power” than your skills. Social media enables job seekers to choose to work for companies that have a company culture that appeals to them. The use of social sites that provide you with a platform to air your views and share your opinions allows people to choose a job that matches with their own character and values.


Credit to: fredcavazza

We concentrated on resumes and how we can make them personalized and stick out. The Communications major students had an edge in this department. Their world revolves around being different, authentic and real and this skill is easier for them to achieve from their past experience.

Chris Reimer better known as Rizzo tees shared his success story with us. Social media gave him the opportunity to quit his day job as a C.F.O.  that paid very well but did not satisfy him. He now follows his new found passion of selling t-shirts with hilarious designs. He also highlighted the fact that the world is looking to hire a new employee that is: a

DIGITAL CITIZEN (high Google ranking), who is


REACH and is a

Credit to: Hubspot

CONTENT CREATOR Book: Inbound Marketing by Brian Halligan

Book: Whuffie Factor by Tara Hunt





We watched a presentation by Jim Courtois, thatonejimguy. We tweeted our views on our guest speakers and it was interesting to find out that we had created a trend and the topic was listed on twitter as one of the most “tweeted about” subjects of the day. Thatonejimguy is a Lindenwood graduate and he provided some much needed advice on how you can use social media to link with contacts at the companies you may want to work for. He has been exposed to the same learning environment we are in and it reinforced how important it is to grasp all the knowledge that is available.

Once you have graduated you primarily “become your own teacher,” thatonejimguy

He also recommended blogging as a powerful platform to gain followers and opportunities. Having a successful blog with loyal followers makes you more visible and shows viewers that you can write.


Credit to: Hubspot

Our second speaker of the day was Dana Wehrli from the Careers Center at LU. She expressed how important it is to make your resume stand out. I learned how now to use clichés, faux pas, that will take your resume to the bottom of the stockpile. The cover letter introduces candidates to potential employers and must exude confidence and enthusiasm. It is crucial that you do your homework and research all the information you can on the company you wish to work for and be prepared to show what you can do for them. It’s also wise to personalize each resume you send to different companies as they all hold different values.


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