What personal branding has done for me (so far), and will do for you

The Importance of personal branding: on the surface

Learning about how to create your own personal brand exceeded all the expectations I HAD about the subject. I went in thinking that I had chosen an easy class that did not require a book and would allow me to keep up with improving my writing through blog posts. I was mainly drawn to the class because I wanted to learn how to control all the information I post online. I wanted to be sure that when the time came to hunt for a job I would have built an excellent reputation online and managed to keep my brand untainted. The title of the class also intrigued me, and I have not been disappointed.

What I have discovered

Credit to: bedharak

Branding yourself is a form of signaling all your positive attributes to the world so you can attract the right sort of attention. The days of searching for any job to toil at, until a better opportunity arises are disappearing. Generation Y has inherited a gem, where you can finish your tertiary education and get your ideal job from the start of your career. This has made the job market increasingly competitive.

To get ahead in a job search and stick out from the crowd has never been as difficult as it is now. Being great or excelling in any field or craft is just not enough anymore.

“Strengths and values have greater leverage than skills” Kammie Kobyleski.

Credit to: Paul Snelling


I have come to see Twitter as more than an entertainment site and I NOW SEE IT as a tool that can be invaluable in searching to connect with people in your dream career. Each MENTOR is just a mouse click away…This is a fact that should be exploited by everyone to its full potential.


Credit to: Mariosundar

LinkedIn is the ideal place to display your online resume. Hardcopy resumes are becoming obsolete. Just one connection can now link you to more than twenty potential employers or contacts and that is possible if you do not even “try” at all! Now imagine ALL the possibilities of working to connect with as many people as you can your potential success becomes boundless and limitless.


It all sounds mind boggling but life has been made easier by services offered by websites like Google reader. They allow you to log-in once and “subscribe” to your favorite blogs so you stay connected to all the RSS feeds. Another useful service is Hootsuite. Hootsuite also enables its users to log in once and have all their social sites listed and appear in one window.

Personal Branding

Managing your personal brand is a sure way of securing that you have access to the best opportunities when they arise. I am 100% sold on using this strategy to obtain my ideal job. It is an excellent investment of your time and dedication. If you want to reap the maximum benefit, satisfaction and rewards in life I suggest that you use personal branding. When I began this course and Googled my name my information only appeared when I had typed in K-U-N-D-A-I_N-A-N-G-A-. The proof that personal branding can make you more visible came about when I reached the end of my J-Term class. NOW when I type in k-u-n-d MY NAME is listed first before kundalini!! I am going to work to keep it there or better yet work to make sure it’s the highest ranked page when you type the letter K;).


2 thoughts on “What personal branding has done for me (so far), and will do for you

  1. ive always been curious how online branding was different around the world i think international business is a good field for you bc youve already exprerienced more cultures than most and thats exciting about the google search im still working on mine 😛

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