“Here It Goes Again”

“Here It Goes Again” by The OK
(The video debuted on YouTube on July 31, 2006)

“Here It Goes Again” lyrics

Composed by: Damian Jr Kulash

(From the “OH NO” Album released on July 31, 2006)


Credit to: Cthomasuscg

  • Do not have a “deep” meaning.
  • The repetition used in the chorus mimics the cyclic pattern that life and relationships can take. It emphasizes how life can be mundane and boring.
  • The three verses are only two lines long and highlight the simplicity of life that is brought through in the lyrics.
  • The theme of the lyrics is that relationships can become simple, repetitive when you hit a rut and “HERE IT GOES AGAIN.”


  • Enhanced the lyrics.
  • Is not too loud and overbearing, the beat is repetitive like the lyrics.
  • The tune is simple and “sticks” in one’s head easily.


  • The performance enhanced the lyrics.
  • The performance was excellent it “made” the song.
  • The video was unique and its authenticity made it go viral.
Credit to: Philippe Erieau



  1. 1. It was something I had not seen before.
  2. 2. I never paid attention to the lyrics but the video made it stay in my mind.
  3. 3. I found the video funny, crazy, different and refreshing.


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