Media Control

It has been a while since I posted some fresh material but I prefer posting quality rather than quantity. This week my main focus has been on media control. We live in a world that is chaotic and incapable of standing still. We are reaching a stage where we will soon be unable to filter through the good, the bad and the material we want to obtain. This raises the question: should media be controlled?

Credit to: Matteo Ruggiu

Many believe that the control of media would conflict with the rights to freedom of speech and expression. However I believe that we must distinguish media control as being the regulation of quality not controlling what information is released to the public. In other words we need to maintain the quality of information that is released in mainstream media which is readily available to innocent people like children. Children have the right to remain innocent and enjoy their childhood. It is therefore wrong to allow our children to be exposed to inappropriate content that makes them grow up too fast and strips them of their youth.

Media control would not conflict with the freedom of expression as there are other platforms that are available for explicit content to be viewed. These sites or magazines etc should use subscriptions or log-in options that insure that all viewers are adults that want to view this content. It is not right to use freedom of expression as a defense whilst offending another portion of the population.

Credit to: waqar bukhari

If we were to use the utilitarian view that states that: the right action is that which brings about the best consequences for everyone, subsequently we would be justified in being in agreement with media control. Today, there is not a day that goes by where a seemingly innocent product like, chewing gum, use provocative sexual connotations to increase sales. I fear for the generation that follows us. We already live in a world where we are bombarded with inappropriate content and pop-ups that we have no control over. We all have the right to be left alone and not have unwanted advertisements that we find offensive pop-up on our screens.

However the main fear of media control is that it could brainwash society if placed in the wrong hands. If it were placed under the control of a group like the government of a country then they would have the hidden agenda to turn media to their way of thinking to gain more voters. An independent group of people with members that represented different portions of the population would have to be established. But when many people have different views conflict is inevitable as they say “too many cooks spoil the broth.”

Credit to: itrix

Another rebuttal that is used to oppose media control is that no one has the right to raise someone else who is an adult. Or that the responsibility lies with the parents of children to control what they are exposed to. However it is virtually impossible to control all forms of media that children are exposed to. A seemingly innocent road trip to school can go wrong when children are driven past billboards that display near-naked people advertising clothing or fragrances, other children could obtain inappropriate magazines from their family and share their findings with their friends, or your children, in these circumstances we have no control over the situation or any means of containing the problem. Media control could reverse the negative effects that the lack of media regulation has caused, but it will always remain controversial.

Credit to: fredandpete

2 thoughts on “Media Control

  1. Kundai,
    Very thoughtful argument you advance here I’d say. Notwithstanding, I do not believe media control is the antidote here. In my opinion, the rudimental problem of our world today is moral decadence. Or more plainly, sin. It is out of this that all other ills emanate. “Adult Entertainment,” as it is euphemistically called, does not only offend persons who watch such programming, it also vitiates the dignity of them that participate in the making of such. Thus, the bawdiness we watch and hear on television is merely a symptom of a deeper and more profound problem…

    1. So it is a matter of dealing with the source of the problem. However, if we can’t live in a world devoid of sin we are left to deal with its effects. Media control is risky and extreme but if used sparingly its the lesser of two evils.

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