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It is a hot and humid evening and a group of young adults ranging from twenty-one to twenty-eight are sitting outside on the stairs discussing their idea of their ideal partner. Having sat for an hour listening to the batter of the sexes, something became apparent to me…

…what is the meaning of true beauty or attraction?

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The men argued that: when it comes to women we are too unrealistic and our standards are too high. They listed their criteria as more practical and conceivable than our highfaluting ideas. One gentleman preferred a slender woman who closely resembled a wafer. I was shocked and constantly taken aback when he listed potential “healthy-looking” ladies that just needed to lose ten pounds or so. In his defense he said he is from Europe. Several other men added that they would not date an obese person as they would like to insure that their children grow up to be fit and athletic. Their last point that sparingly saved them from the chopping block was the fact that they would never marry an extremely gorgeous woman if she was “dumb” that was a deal breaker.

In contrast the women indicated that they prefer an extremely tall, athletic man. One lady went as far as to describe her ideal man as being 6ft4. This brought about an instant uproar from the male population. They argued that finding a man that tall is next to impossible and that her chances were very slim of walking into a man in this category. Furthermore this lady stated how she would love to have sons that are taller than her and that the looks of this man could be average.

It seemed of prime importance to bear forth fruit of very good quality. I understood the mentality of both sides of the party but concluded that they were both on the same side. One group could call the other superficial for preferring slender women when heavier women could change their appearance. The other group called the other unrealistic and too picky for stating specific measurements.

I assume both groups assumed that their physically gifted “partners” would possess all the ideal characteristics and personalities like respect for their other half and good hygiene taste, manners and morals. I found it striking how we dwelled on the outer shell and barely scraped the surface to discuss the inner being’s attraction. Our world has become conditioned to keeping up appearances at all costs and underplaying the importance of the strength of a person’s character. In a world where commercials constantly bombard us with their

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“contentment disorder” Pastor Jeff Perry strategies it is a tough battle to fight. We are told that we are unhappy and will only be relieved of our discomfort by acquiring another object or service that we may not really need.

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I am deeply grieved when I hear my peers or colleagues make statements about how marriage is dead and will always end up in adultery due to sheer boredom. These individuals will lose out on the joy of experiencing true love because the world has conditioned them to be cynical. They will go into relationships destined for doom by their own doings as they will expect it not to last forever. The mind is a powerful weapon that can make simple verbal mutterings a reality. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone has the right to their own preferences there is no right or wrong choice but it’s a matter of making the right choice for you.