Hear no evil, See no evil Speak no evil

Credit to: nahek

I was invited to a pizza-dinner tonight and I was looking forward to some great conversation and company. I was rewarded even more by receiving a personal message on how I can aim to maintain good behavior. As humans, we tend to digress and fall into bad habits that can easily become too comfortable and enjoyable to reverse. Some people attribute this aspect due to nature’s tendency to incline itself to disorder.

Credit to: holly henry

In context to my life I had found myself gravitating more to watching shows like Jersey Shore, “it’s stupid but I still can’t stop watching it” I would say. I did not see any harm in watching these types of shows because I did not see any drastic changes in my behavior. I used this as an excuse for learning what not to do in life. However, my host at this dinner broached the subject of how we turn into the average of the things that we watch, see and the people that we hang around.

My initial reaction as a young, know-it-all generation-y individual was to brush off this remark and tell myself that I was the exception to this rule. Coincidentally, I began to think of the friends that I hang around, and I was happy to note that they are all great individuals. I noticed how we are all different but as we grew closer together and got more acquainted to one other we began to act the same. There were subtle but distinct changes in our behavior. We began to finish each other’s sentences, laugh at jokes by looking at each other and thinking on the same waive-length.

This shocked me, not because it was something new but it reminded me of how listening to a lie for a long time can make you start to believe it. If you listen to the negative voice in your head that tells you you cannot do something, you are more inclined to do something half-heartedly, expecting yourself to fail. In the same way I considered all the shows that I watch just for entertainment purposes, the music that I listen to and the people I choose to acquaint myself with.

Credit to: london_lime

Did I want to become a hardcore party animal with no respect for my life and the consequences that that type of life-style leads to? Even if I did not behave the same way as some shows portray these women to be, slowly but surely my mind would be brainwashed into thinking that I was invincible under false pretences and that would be more dangerous. I could be able to justify my being able to be immune to all forms of pressure or conforming to the world by belittling how serious they are. It is better to fight the enemy that you know rather than the one that you don’t know.

I swiftly began rooting out the “evil” in my sphere of influence. I want to be a positive force in all aspects of my life and I am working on soaking all the good and positive influences in life to remain on the right track. It is so much easier to deviate from the right path if you do not know your destination and have the roadmap to warn you about all the dangerous hazards along the way. To everyone that reads this article protect yourselves, prevention is better than cure and we are not all above negative influences!


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