A Terrible Characteristic of Gen-Y

“I want it now”, “I want it done fast” and “I want it done my way”. These are some of the statements that are used to describe the mentality of my generation. This is a classic case of what has come to be known in some spheres as “me-syndrome”. Having being born out of the rise of the .com era it is no surprise that my generation values efficiency as one of its top three values. However, we have also acquired another unflattering character trait… being INSENSITIVE.

Credit to: idsfa

As the internet became more popular and easily accessible it increasingly brought us into contact with what I like to call “unkosher” viewing and forms of entertainment. People were initially, and still are, concerned with the heavy emphasis on violence, swearing and inappropriate content. This content was fuelled by our subconscious urge to want to see blood and gore. We are more inclined to living in a world of disorder. When we pass an accident on the highway our first instinct is to stop what we are doing and look at the damage that was caused. We are not enticed by the violence in these actions but the curiosity to know what is going on.

As we continue to expose ourselves to these extreme circumstances our senses are being made increasingly numb to any stimulus. As a result, we become less empathetic to situations in life as we see it constantly on TV. If we take time to consciously observe the environment around us we will see just how much destruction we are surrounded by on a daily basis. There are those that are struggling on the journey of life and running the race in the lane beside ours. There are those that run a more grueling and strenuous race that we do not think twice to support them in their endeavors.

There are too many times that I have overheard blatant comments about how other individuals have dug their own graves and should be left to be buried in them. If we asked these people whether they had done all that they could to help prevent such a tragedy, more often than not the answer is no. If this is true we have no right to express our opinion in such a manner as we passively contributed to the problem.

Credit to: ʇɐɹ-ƃ

If we all make a conscious decision to help those in our sphere of influence we can help create some order in this chaotic world. We can spend more time investing in the community around us and less time watching the world become a shambles. It is healthier and less depressing as we live in a time where we are bombarded by bad news daily. Live a life of action and not REaction. We have all unknowingly become reporters of events when we need more people on the ground building up the communities we live in.

Credit to: Peer.Gynt

As a member of generation-y, I find that this can be done by constantly reminding myself how privileged I am to enjoy the luxuries in my life like great family members, friends and colleagues. They make this life that I live rich in quality and make it compulsory for me to spread the love around. It is time we stopped listening to what people call our generation. We are generation why-not and not generation-y?  We are the found generation and not the lost cause. We will define ourselves and not give others an opportunity to influence our potential and limit our capabilities by labeling us to be less than we are!

Credit to: janara.lopes

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