Well it’s the holidays and I have been hit by the sudden urge to scrap book. I purchased all the necessities, but like the writer’s block I have presently been suffering from I could not decide how to start the scrapbook. A million thoughts were rushing through my mind and I was indecisive. Predictably, I chose the unorthodox method as is it is always my habit of choice. I decided to make an electronic scrap book.

The reasoning behind this was that:

  1. It will never be lost so my memories will be eternal.
  2. It will hold an air of mystery as I can not completely disclose the objects of my scrapbooks or the identity of those concerned (those close to me could figure it out without having their privacy completely taken away).
  3. It was something new and exciting that could bring up interesting conversation and take a life of its own
  4. I have never done something like this before and I would find this project stimulating

And so I begin my journey of online scrapbooking if this is the first you have heard of this you heard it here first and I will coin this.