“A ROSE by any other name would smell just as SWEET”

Kundi, Kuku, Koo, Kaz, Baby (because I am the youngest in my family, nothing sinister), Little Miss Muffet, Pupu Kuksy Pie, Kuksy, Kuks, Sis’ Kundi, Miss Bouquet, Mrs. Bucket, KZN, Kandy, Sweets (I guess these two names attribute to the fact that I have a SWEET personality, just go with it), Ras, RasNgati, Nangati or the extreme examples that I found utterly undesirable gogo ras or just gogo. These are just a few examples of the nicknames that I have had in my lifetime. Sometimes I think that I walk around with a sign on my back that reads, “Go ahead, you know you want to give me a nickname!”

But I comfort myself by reading a little Shakespeare here and there. How does that one go again? YES!

credit to: Zixii

“A ROSE by any other name would smell just as SWEET” 

These memories constantly remind me of my journey and the steady growth that I have made. Not all the memories were kosher but such is life. We are all diamonds in the making and all that added pressure and heat only causes us to become rough diamonds before we are polished to exhibit our clarity and inner beauty on the outside.

I digress…anyhoo

It all began when I was a baby and quite the menace to society. I never stopped talking, teasing people and getting into all sorts of mischief. I remember well, when I annoyed my brother by following him around everywhere he went, and copying him. I thought that he would be flattered that he qualified as one of my role models, but I unwittingly drove him to complete madness and was often locked out of his room. Be that as it may this began our long life sibling rivalry… we pride ourselves on pushing each other’s buttons and only expecting the best in each other.

Outside my familial sphere of life I was a joy to be around, that’s when I was dubbed all the “cutsie” names from kundi to little miss muffet. These were great times the Zim Dollar was booming and everyone was experiencing a boom.

The fall, after the rise…

credit to: HouseThatCrowBuilt

Well life became a little bit of a struggle. The value of the Zim Dollar was depreciating at an alarming rate and I became a little terror. I had mastered the art of manipulation as a sign of self defense and getting my own way as the youngest in my family. My mother claims that I was a little spoilt but I was just playing around with the idea of utilizing the little power that I had. I became a little bit of a bully. You can blame it on the hormones and rage fueled by the traumatic experience of puberty. I didn’t become the uncontrollable, delinquent version of a teenager popularized worldwide but I always used any means necessary to get my way with everyone around me. Emotional blackmail was my best friend. This is when I was dubbed Miss Bouquet/Bucket, for I had a held a high regard to maintain my own version of keeping up appearances. I learnt that if you can’t be happy with the little that you got you will never be happy with everything.

credit to: nhr

But life taught me another lesson. Life taught me that you can’t have everything you wish for. More importantly it taught me to appreciate the power of words. The little rhyme “Sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never harm me” was false. I learnt firsthand that words can kill too in a way much worse than physical pain. I evolved to being more sympathetic with others and always knowing that things are not always as they seem as we all come from different walks of life I vowed to not be tempted to fight back in a mean way but be the bigger person. I then came to be known as sweets and all sweet other names. I became more maternal I guess.

These nicknames remind me of where I have come from and where I want to go. If they come from a good place then I know that I am on track.

I was born again in every way imaginable. I decided to make the decision to define myself the way that I wanted. I liked to be different; I appreciated differences in others and worked to make my own opinion of things. Not by judgments made by other people but by finding out the truth for myself. This journey of self-discovery continues. The FINANCIAL DISASTER in Zimbabwe improved too. Just like the fluctuation of the currency we all go through ups and downs. But the most important thing is that we appreciate in value and self worth in the end. Although I may never like the last two nicknames they do describe how I genuinely care for people. How I value their lives and always help those in need is how I want to be known for.

The scrapbook continues…


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