First Impressions

Credit to: projecthallway

The first thing I notice about a person is their outfit. I love seeing how people put different clothing articles together depending on their mood. I always thought that clothes were a good way to gauge a person’s mood. If a person takes extra time to look nice, they are probably in a great mood.

Credit to: projecthallway

Fashion interests me because it’s a play ground where all the rules can be and should be broken. What works for one person may not work for you but you can always find different inspiration from everyone around you.

Credit to: em`lia

I find that expressing yourself in different ways shows the many facets to your being as we are eclectic beings. It always reminds me that I can find inspiration in anything and apply it to other aspects of my life. I like to call it a true liberal arts educational ethic. I scan people that I see and see all the infinite possibilities there are to come up with different clothing combinations. Not always for myself but it’s just a creative outlet that has become a hobby. A grown up version of playing with dolls.

I love haute couture because it is daring and inspires one to think outside the box.Origami in fashion has always been a hit in my sight not to wear but still be appreciated. It allows you to be playful and experiment with different colors and combinations of styles and cuts.

credit to: Patricie

Clothes have a personality of their own, we have all heard of power suits that make a statement like, “I’M CONFIDENT” or “I’M CAPABLE”. Sweats can say “I’M COMFORTABLE AND RELAXED” or sometimes “I JUST WANT TO LAZE ABOUT”. It’s amazing how much you can say without you opening your mouth.

credit to: Patricie
credit to: Patricie

So this is a little collection of little tidbits and pieces that fascinate me and give me inspiration to own a little boutique in the future.

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Fashion is a way that you can be “every women” and choose to express different sides of yourself.


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