“Positive Outcomes Only”

YES I am a fan of the CW show and although I don’t enjoy high school shows all-year-around I like to see what I can learn from them, now and again. As it was so rightly put in the movie “Honey”, “I believe in making EVERY EXPERIENCE educational!”  So when I watched “Wild Cats” on the CW website the one phrase that stayed with me was, “positive outcomes only.”

It is 2012 and I am feeling good! My goal is to achieve all the goals that I set for myself and expect no less from myself. This is not just another New Year Resolution I make every year to be better it is a resolution to make my future better. This Christmas I brought in 2012 crying. There were not sad tears but we had been watching a soppy love story that ended in love being realised but not “actualized”, because the lead actor was killed off. But this made me think how I don’t want my life to be a “coulda, shoulda woulda story”.

Credit to: aaipodpics

So my plan of attack this year is to constantly remind myself where I am going. I find that affirmations reiterate your goals and remind you where you want to go when you go through difficult times or feel like giving up. This is the year of results and I am excited and dedicating it to achieving everything that I want.

  1. First order of this operation involves making a visual representation of my five major goals.
  2. Second order is to say it out loud everyday and give my best in everything that I do.
  3. Third goal is to enjoy every moment that I have, it seems someone forgot to tell me that once you hit college years fly by at supersonic speed.

Live, Laugh Love is my mantra for the year, what is yours?


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