WordPress Junkie

Credit to: rjacklin1975

So I have yet another J-Term class where I learn to use all the different features of WordPress. This time I am learning how to create web designs for WordPress. I have never seen myself as much of a writer  but blogging has made me realize that it’s what you write that makes you want to write. WordPress has helped me improve upon my writing by challenging me to write in different styles and voices and expressing myself through the content I post. However I still felt like the only way I could artistically express my style was through photos and different forms of media.

NOW this class is teaching me how to have more creative control on the appearance of a website. I have created a hypothetical site where I can practice all the features to see how people with little technical skills can create a website <<Tintillating Stuff>>.

Credit to: gregwake

This link will only be available for a short amount of time, then it will be taken down. But to anyone who is interested in some aspects of web design and have little knowledge of how to do it here is a sneak peek at what you can do…



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