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Credit to: Joe Shlabotnik

Movie-wise, 2011 was very disappointing. I used to be one of those avid followers that would rush to watch the premiere of a movie while it was still freshly pressed, if I could. The cinema was a place where I was always eager to go and experience a titillating adventure that I had never seen before. I hardly remember any movies that disappointed me story-wise.

Credit to: Make Studio | Marty Coleman

But I have recently noticed a creeping numbing-down of my senses lately. There are very few movies that grip me, or if they do there are few and far between. I have noticed that so much money is being raked into making an epic trailer to get me gripping of the edge of my seat but this curiosity is more often than not increasingly famished when I watch the actual movie. I watch the movie only to find out that it is an EPIC FAIL! I do not feel excited every time Hollywood or any Movie house releases a movie anymore. I now find myself content with waiting until the hype has died down, the tickets have decreased in price and I have nothing better to watch, to go and see these movies TO AVOID some DISAPPOINTMENT.

Credit to: LonisArt570

Once I start viewing a movie with friends it turns into a game of who can blurt out what is going to happen FIRST. This is an annoying habit but I can’t blame anyone who does this because we are becoming deprived of stimulating viewing. Why have the movies become so predictable? Excuse the slight hyperbole, but have we read all the books that are worth reading and exhausted all the original ideas available? Has society lost its creativity because we do not read as much, so we are leached of fresh ideas to translate into film? I am frankly perplexed every time I try to decipher this puzzle.

There was however, a glimpse in the 2011 horizon that I found in one of the most unorthodox movies. I have always been an X-Men fan but looking at it unbiased, it was the only movie that gripped me from beginning to end. I commend the franchise that has become a powerhouse and a money-spinner in its own right. There were so many revelations in that 120mins, plus or so, video that kept me glued to the screen absorbing all these gems of information. I felt so inspired and grateful for that period of entertainment that I thought it deserved to be blogged about. Sherlock Holmes also deserves some mention for their layered stories that get you thinking of how a man can be so ingenius.


Credit to: Bob Bekian

It is now 2012 and although movies have made me rather morbid, I will keep hope alive and continue to watch them in hope for some luck or a laugh or too. My one wish is that Hangover does not come out with a recycled sequel, the first movie was funny but you can only handle so much. 2011 was the year of sequels and recycled storylines but I hope 2012 will bring some more stimulating and unique stories for us to watch! LIKE AN EGG ABOUT TO HATCH, I WAIT IN ANTICIPATION.

Credit to: Eskimoflygirl

2 thoughts on “Wannabe Movie Critic

  1. O my gosh i thought i was the only one who has noticed that there isn’t anything to watch anymore. My favorite movie of 2011 was The Girl with the Dragon Tatto, its a must WATCH!!!

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