Pin Me!

credit to: iamdez

Pinterest is a blooming social networking site that is fast gaining a mass following. Pinterest allows its users to “pin” images or videos on boards, and share these ideas with its followers. Pinterest is a simple way in which people can create their own personal collage at a click of a button. It has become a great marketing tool because it is extremely user-friendly. Users only need to enter a search work of their liking and like, pin or create a board with images or different forms of media that they can find.

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Pinterest is not a unique idea. It seems to be a follow up of another popular site called was an online site that allowed its users to find images of all their favorite clothes and create their own personal boutique online. allowed users to purchase these articles by leading online customers to the specific stores that held the objects of their desires. However this site was taken down for renovation and in its absence Pinterest was born. Pinterest has become even more successful than its predecessor because it does not limit its users to shopping for clothes, it gives its users free range to roam free.

Pinterest is becoming a useful marketing tool because it has used successful tools made famous by Facebook and Twitter like the “like” and “retweet” concept respectively, to gain followers and leave an online presence to gain attention. If used wisely to avoid under and over promotion Pinterest can be used to market products by keeping its name “out there” and staying relevant. America’s Test Kitchen is one business that is trying to learn how to use Pinterest to increase its online presence. Pinterest is following in the footsteps of Twitter where businesses were finding out how to use Twitter to market their online personal brand to get in touch with their target market and make business more personable. Consumers can use Pinterest to search for any products they may be interested in purchasing and find more reviews and information about them by communicating with other users on the topic.

credit to: Dаz

I personally use Pinterest to find new ideas for nail art to preoccupy myself with in my free time. What began as a hobby turned into a useful pastime when I discovered that I could use the site to create my personal collage and boards to remind me of who I am, where I want to go and what interests I like. In the business world it is becoming the norm to be hired through connections and who you know then, based on your talent to secure the job. Businesses are beginning to learn how to use social networking sites to search for potential employees and using social networking sites like Twitter. These sites can help one get a foot in the door and it is becoming more routine to use them for job searches and self-marketing tools.

credit to: Dove*

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