My Top 22 Birthday Medley Mix #yolo!

I have reached another year and it feels great! I felt the love all around, I thouroughly enjoyed my gifts and I appreciate every person that I know! ❤ you all!! So I thought I would post all the birthday songs I can think of, songs that remind me of my friends and some of my personal favorite tunes, hopefully I will find 22 good videos that’s a stretch but it’s my lucky number 😉 ENJOY!

TOP 22 LIST #1 you can’t go wrong with this…

#2 Don’t you EVER call me SHORTY *tribute to Rutendo* but it was a hit when it came out…

#3 Karen Chikuku *for giving me the idea*

#4 “I wanna be your IT GIRL Sandra lol” I love the moonwalking in this video it’s just EPIC!

#5 classic

#6 reminds me of Agnes #goodtimes

#7 This is you I, aka Irene

#8 You know who you are Rue

#9 Paida, aka Tanya’s Song *you are beautiful

#10 Cz I had to lol “ndanzwa nekasong aka Karen”


#12 Lindenwood Field Hockey…you know we love to…

#13 Good times

#14 Erin, deej, DJ fellow Liquideep fan

#15 Itai what I grew up listening to…

#16 Mary, aka Ma cz you are “IRREPLACEABLE”

#17 My family “there is noone  like each and every one of you, you are all my rock!”

#18 The most Hardcore Coldplay fan I know Paida*

#19 cz this Missy is Hot and always kills it

#20 They are a sick Duo timbaland & Missy

#21 Lizzy I know you are going to kill me but I had to try!!


#22 just kidding For Real!


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