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Going through life’s journey you face many crossroads and pit stops along the way. Before every major decision you face a brief moment where you need to recharge, re-analyze yourself to reacquaint yourself with what makes you tick and gives you fervor for life. Sometimes this process involves going back home to where you started to see where you came from and gauge how far you have come.

As humans we tend to remember the moments when life does not work out the way we planned and we forget how much progress we have made. We need to constantly make time to evaluate the progress we have made to help motivate us on the path to our goals.

I returned home to Zimbabwe and I found myself energized by rediscovering who I am and where I want to go. Being away from home allowed me to work on the steps I need to take to get where I want to go, but being home reminded me of all the qualities I knew I had but I did not acknowledge on a regular basis because I was focused on my destination.

I coached a high-school field hockey team for a day and felt pride and enjoyment and hope return seeing how my old high school had changed and improved for the better. Looking at the current seniors walking around with pride reminded me of my days of walking the same corridors and how the past and the present stay connected. I talked to my former teachers and the relationship had changed and matured.

After that one day of coaching I was wondering if that two hour session had made an impression on the girls. At the end they all thanked me for taking time out and asked me to return. A simple gesture reminded me of what makes me and fuels me to succeed in life. The recipe to success involves evaluating yourself and asking “WHY” you are the way you are and how that translates to you becoming a global citizen and offering a service that can’t be made elsewhere. This motivational video helped me use this tool in every aspect of my life whether it be writing a resume, coming up with a business proposal or making major life decisions and I hope it touches you and is helpful in your life!