Personal computers, laptops…………smartphones.

Not being a tech-minded person I have been wondering what the rave was about tablets if I had a smartphone and good working laptop, what need would I have for a tablet?

It seems the market is game for a new product and a new source of income. So some genious came up with the idea to create the tablet…

Brief History:
• The laptop was first modified by making it more affordable and calling it a netbook. The only difference was that there was not disk slot for DVDs and it had limited memory.
• The laptop/netbook was modified again creating a convertible notebook that had a temporary keyboard that could be hidden.
• Meanwhile phones were becoming more and more advanced and evolving from 2G to 3G…and then smartphones entered the market creating a rave.
The gap between PC’s and smartphones continued to shrink until…
• …The tablet was introduced. A tablet is a hybrid of a netbook and a smartphone. It renders the keyboard useless as it has touchscreen capabilities and internet access, Call it a large phone or a smaller laptop but it was a systematic strategy to make laptops more affordable and portable and sell a product at a higher price than a phone. Such a simple idea but ingenious!

Now the battle for market share has begun with Microsoft introducing their version of a tablet, the Microsoft Surface. The big reveal only kept tech fans interested enough to want to know how this differs from the tablet but a guess would be it is a tablet with a keyboard that can be detahed. We patiently wait to see what exactly Microsoft will have to offer with the Surface but it has just brought to light how competitve the market has become and all contenders must avoid digital darwinism and stay ahead of the trend to remain relevant and not render itself obsolete!