M.I.A. due to Photoshop Crash-course…

Credit to: citelighter.com
Credit to: citelighter.com

After taking a hiatus from the blogging world to take a Photoshop class, I have emerged with a new-found respect for graphic designers, photo editors and web designers in particular. My class showed me how the simplest of images around us, which are carefully edited to look “normal” but enhanced, take hours upon hours to look the way they do. Editing is an under-appreciated job, as we see the end result and do not realize how much work it took to get all the minute details in order to look the way they are.

Photoshop was not very user-friendly to a beginner like me at first glance. I was accustomed to Paint which allowed you to stick and paint and enlarge photos easily. Now, I was introduced to layers, adjustments weird tools that produced fantastic effects and I felt overwhelmed. After spending some time going through my notes, playing around with some tools and watching various tutorials I began to see the world around me differently.

credit to: pschubert
credit to: pschubert
credit to: nacu
credit to: nacu

I knew that most images are “Photoshopped” already, but I began to “know” just how artificial this world is. Finding an image that has not been edited has become as scarce as finding a diamond in a salt pan. The fashion world created a frenzy when various celebrities opted to make the cover of popular magazines with unedited photos to bring home the fact that most people strive to achieve a level of awareness or being that is unachievable.

credit to: womens9.com
credit to: womens9.com


I understand why people in the editing world are paid well, and I have enjoyed my brief journey through their world. The projects I performed using Photoshop opened my eyes to its capabilities in an ever-changing world, and added fuel to my desire to use all these different elements in my career.


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