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Finally something has been created for all the forgetful people out there, the Tile app is for you!
The Tile app allows you to sync several “tiles” to your phone (currently available for iPhones and Apple products only). This means that you can attach a tile to a bunch of keys, a bicycle or even your car and when you can’t find them you can enable the app to locate your possessions.

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I have always thought that I would be the type of person who would lose my car in a parking lot, on a bad day. Now I can ease my nerves in knowing that tile could solve that problem. The app is synced to several tiles. When you attach the tiles to an object and lose it you can turn a tracker on.

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This tracker communicates with the tile and makes a beeping noise that gets louder and faster as you get closer to the lost object. If a valuable possession has been stolen you can enable your app to send an alert to all other tiles. All the devices can “talk” to each other and share information on the specifics of the lost object. If another tile happens to get in close range with the stolen object, it can send a signal to the original tile that posted the stolen item. In this way a community of tile owners can be their own neighborhood watch.

So go on, try it out and get yourself a Tile today!


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