Well, well, well the Future is Here…shhh!

image credit to YAHOO!

I have always enjoyed movies that incorporated robots with artificial intelligence (AI). The Terminator series, iRobot and the like paint a pessimistic view of the worst-case scenario that could occur if a virus attacked an AI robot and it resulted in the endangerment of the human race. Well I never thought I would see the day that the possibility could become a reality. I was glad to come across Hitachi’s AI Boss story on YAHOO!, while I was enjoying my daily morning browsing session.

image credit to YAHOO!

Amidst the hype that followed the exciting, new releases at the Apple Event, I was surprised to see this gem of a reveal story was so hush-hush. But following the kaizen culture, this display of humility should not be a surprise. This AI robot has a sweet deal and landed its first job as a warehouse manager. The AI robot has already increased efficiency by 8%, giving us humans a run for our money. “UH-OH” is right the era of slacking off is over! This is an intriguing space to watch, and for the sake of the human race, I hope no hackers or viruses can make our fears come true.

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