Of Chasing Cents: January Disease

Becoming The Muse

I have sometimes referred to January as the Monday of the months, especially one after a particularly nice festival holiday season and now you are trying to find your groove back or rather get back into the rat race, paper chasing.

January A giant Monday

January always feels as if it has way more days than all the other months put together, more so for those who over indulged during the holiday season and spent way more than they should and now counting the days to the January payday. Meanwhile, its beginning of the year, bills and expenses have piled up, groceries and basics are running, then there’s school fees and uniforms, oh and inflation adjustment while you are playing hide and seek with the landlord.

January Meme:
the first month of the year which can last between 95 days to 6 months. Depending on how broke you are.

These January Financial Blues are sometimes referred to as January Disease (not to be confused with the cattle disease Theileriosis which is spread by ticks and known…

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