“This is the situation”
For all those international students that have made the hectic journey to the US, we all understand the tremendous pressure and stress most of us endured to get to our current destination. My personal mission and new found passion is to smooth out the path for those that follow behind us, to experience such a privilege like we are enjoying now.

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I AM suffering from a horrific cold, and just when I thought life could not get any worse I received some bad news from home. I am an emotional sponge so when I absorbed this bad information my body instantaneously shed of the lethargic syndrome I was in, and I was fueled with the desire to recover quickly and start a cause to help people succeed in achieving their goal to study here.
Living in a third world country makes it a tremendous sacrifice for our parents to pay for our tertiary education. Most are willing to go without any comfort so that their children can gain an advantage in life and my goal is to help them realize this goal.






The launch of a new group

Conscious Advice for Potential International Students back home

(CAPISH!) Translation “You know what I’m saying?”

This new group is still in its development stage. IT AIMS to give advice to students who have not started or are in the process of applying to the United States and are not sure how to about it. When you begin researching for your college/university it is a daunting task but the benefits of this form of education are worth the headaches.

The coming of a new social media based business
CAPISH! is going to provide a step by step guide on going through the admissions process from the standing point of those that have already made this journey. It is mainly directed at students and student athletes who wish to study in the US, and will grow to include other countries like Canada, South Africa, Australia, Malaysia and the United Kingdom and maybe expand some more!

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Our mission is to inform parents and students and make their search easier to comprehend by explaining the terms used in the US that they may not be familiar with. Having made at least one connection and FRIEND here we hope you will avoid paying large sums of cash to agents that require exorbitant fees and charges for research that you can primarily do yourself and the marginal cost that can be added once you find a place of scholarship.
So keep a look out for us on Twitter and Facebook and help us make it a success!