Krushed Succulents

Just a mini project to help me survive the COVID-19 Lockdown

Follow this page to see how the succulent Zen garden will come to life.

Step 1: Breed the succulent suckers.

Step 2: Create a mini garden.

Zen Goals


  1. hey ths is rilly cool kundy bt i cnt see some of the thingz yea…show m the steps to understand!!very impressive u go girl…:-)


  2. The first one was a video showing some funny stories where some phrases are lost in translation because international students take the meaning literally…like “we should have lunch sometime” doesn’t mean we are setting a date already. Then at the bottom there is a video about how you can use facebook and twitter to link with people and get a message out and gather a good following. Thank girl will try sort that glitch out!


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