the BAD ;-(

Walking with My Tail Between My Legs

OR as they say in the cricket world walking for a DUCK *PUN INTENDED!*

Well I have been feeling truly blessed and happy lately and in the mood to reflect on my life. I was perusing my blog looking at old posts and how I can do better. I finally came across my CAPISH! page and it brought some bitter sweet feelings.

Credit to: carlosgmt

On the bitter side I was not able to kick-start this brainchild off the ground. The lack of technical and practical support seemed to be too extreme. On a large scale view I was unable to connect with people on the ground to simultaneously work out a plan of attack. This was a bitter life lesson learnt. You have to walk before you learn how to run!

This knowledge was just utterly annoying to accept but accept it I did.

Credit to:

On the sweet side I was able to help a handful of people on a personal one on one basis and that brought some much needed comfort. Growing as I have in my comfort level to share bits of myself on this blog I concluded that it would only be right to accept this TEMPORARY did I mention TEMPORARY STRATEGIC RETREAT on this public domain. I have picked my battle but I will fight it when the time is right and my arsenal is well equipped.

This was very…very…difficult to come to face the truth. But now that I know what it takes to implement and finish a task all I can say is watch this space for the day that CAPISH! relaunches itself!

Credit to: NET9

While I wiped away the cobwebs and was doing some spring cleaning and some much needed rearrangement on my blog, I came across four hidden gems. There were four comments that had been categorized as spam that I was unaware of. I read all the comments and was pleasantly surprised that they all voiced their opinion to carry on my sometimes crazy rants and sometimes informative posts. The show will undoubtedly go on even though the stage is currently under construction or for lack of a better word reconstruction.


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