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Music in the 60`s Introduction: The Start of the British Invasion

Kundai Nangati

  • British Invasion began in the mid 60’s, widely accepted to have been started by the Beatles
  • Change from pop and rock music to R&B, Soul and blues
  • Tapped into the psyche of the youth and resonated well with them
  • Encouraged rebellion
  • British bands tried to adopt American style of music but didn’t gain much success
  • British invasion they got it right and Americans began to imitate them
  • Acknowledged black soul artists and this paved the way for black artists to gain recognition for their music
  • Transition from solo acts to vocal groups
  • Emergence of black musical powerhouses like Motown
  • Lyrics changed from being about love and having fun to personal philosophies and beliefs of the artists

Oscar Speech

Credit to: mobo85
Credit to: Diego Rodriguez Acosta

Category: Best Foreign Film, Zimbabwe “The Rough Gem of Africa”

  • I am truly honored and humbled by receiving this award.
  • First of all, thank God, who made this possible.
  • My family for their encouragement and putting up with the long hours.
  • I would also like to thank the producers, the directors, the writers and everyone who worked behind the seasons and put their blood, sweat and tears into this project.
  • Everyone who supported  our idea and went and watched our movie, and the Academy awards for recognizing our work.
  • I dedicate this to my home country which was the inspiration of this film, and the lovely people who let us use their story to put our country on the map. “Zvaita!” (it is done)

“Here It Goes Again” by The OK
(The video debuted on YouTube on July 31, 2006)

Is there anyone here who would like to learn how to ice skate? Me too!

Well we are in luck as we have an avid ice skater in our midst named Brittani Carroll. She is passionate about figure skating and has been skating since she was 3 years old, which gives her roughly 14 years of experience. She describes herself as being motivated, hard working, determined, daring and unpredictable.


Brittani is an Early Childhood Education major, and she wants to be a pre-school teacher then move onto becoming a principal.

She was born in Riverside California, but moved to St. Peters in the 5th grade. She chose Lindenwood University because of the awesome teaching program they have. She is on the Synchronized Skating team at LU. This is the first year LU is offering this sport, and she is making history by being part of the team.

She has two sisters, aged 23 and 17years old, an 8–year-old brother and a 2-year-old nephew. She also has 4 dogs (3 Golden retrievers and 1 black labrador), 3 cats and 2 birds.

Likes and dislikes

Brittani loves hanging out with her friends and just going out.

Favorite food: Mac n cheese
Favorite soda: sprite
Favorite candy: Kit Kat

Music: listens to country, hip hop, R&B

Role model:

Credit to: jeroenadema

Her role model is her late father. He passed away when she was 13years-old, from a car accident. He was very compassionate, and took care of everyone around him without making any judgments. He is her inspiration on the type of person she wants to become.

Goal: to graduate from LU, get her masters, a doctorate degree and probably get married after all that…

3 things can’t live without: her family, her phone and water.


I found Britanni to be a practical person, who is highly driven to succeed and perfectly suited for her chosen career. She is daring and I’m hoping that she will teach me and any takers in this room how to skate on the little pond behind Spellman, if it ever freezes over! Her dream is to become a coach someday, so that would give her some good practical experience.

Favorite quote is: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”


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