Well, well, well the Future is Here…shhh!

image credit to YAHOO!

I have always enjoyed movies that incorporated robots with artificial intelligence (AI). The Terminator series iRobot and the like, paint a pessimistic view of the worst case scenarios that could occur if a virus attacked an AI robot and it resulted in the endangerment of the human race. Well I never thought I would see the day that the possibility could become a reality. I was glad to come across Hitachi’s AI Boss story on YAHOO!, while I was enjoying my daily morning browsing session.

image credit to YAHOO!

Amidst the hype that followed the exciting, new releases at the Apple Event, I was surprised to see this gem of a reveal story was so hush-hush. But following the kaizen culture, this display of humility should not be a surprise. This AI robot has a sweet deal and landed its first job as a warehouse manager. The AI robot has already increased efficiency by 8%, giving us humans a run for our money. “UH-OH” is right the era of slacking off is over! This is an intriguing space to watch, and for the sake of the human race, I hope no hackers or viruses can make our fears come true.

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Random Posts of Inspiration

When you are dog-tired and wondering why you are still in the rat-race of life, it always helps to stop, take a breath and look around. This is why, I suspect, vines have become so popular. You never know where your next laugh or burst of inspiration is going to come from.

So as it’s been a while since my last post, I thought I would go back to a hobby that brings me inspiration. Watching people excel and glow with pride and joy, when they do something they were born to do. My personal favorites tend to involve dance, music and sports, the weirder the better!