Now on the Adobe Illustrator tip… ;-D

After the blast I had with Photoshop, I decided to dabble a little bit more with the features that Adobe has on offer. I have started another course with Adobe Illustrator now, and I’m excited and looking forward to all the the gems there are to discover along this short but intense journey…


is my first attempt at art using fonts and symbols only.

iNTRO to Corel Painter 12

I had the pleasure of taking the best art class ever, where I learned how to use Corel Painter 12 to produce digital art. I had tried to go back to my sketchbook and draw over the Christmas break, but my lack of practice showed through and through and I was frustrated. Taking Digital Painting allowed me to get the feel of a brush, pastel, chalk, crayon any art tool I could imagine to experiment with and regain my feel for art again. Join me on the fast track journey of the three weeks it took me to produce the following pieces of art.



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